This is our survey for Digital Etiquette for the academic year 2007-2008:

Are you a cyberbully?
Give yourself 0 points if you’ve never done it, 1 point if you have done it 1 or 2 times, 2 points if you have done it 3-5 times, 3 points if you have done it more than 5 times.
Have you ever...
_Signed on with someone else’s screen name to gather info?
_Sent an e-mail or online greeting card from someone’s account?
_Impersonated someone over instant messaging (IM) or online?
_Teased or frightened someone over IM?
_Not told someone who you really are online, telling them to “guess”?
_Changed your profile or away message designed to embarrass or frighten someone?
_Posted pictures or information about someone on a Web site without their consent?
_Used information found online to follow, tease, embarrass or harass someone in person?
_Sent rude or scary things to someone, even if you were just joking?
_Used bad language online?
_Signed someone else up for something online without their permission?
_Used an IM or e-mail address that looked like someone else’s?
_Used someone else’s password for any reason without their permission?
_Insulted someone in an interactive game room?
_Posted rude things or lies about someone online?