Digital Law

Talal and Faisal


this is a very important topic. we think that all people should learn about it at a young age. that is why we decided to teach grade 6. also we think that they are at the age which the start downloading music and films of the internet. Lots of people use programs to download movies and music for free which is against the internet law! All though it is against the law people still download them. we think that that the reason people download music is because they are not educated about the matter there for they will continue downloading and breaking the law. people who make the movies and songs should benefit from their hard work and should get their profit from them. people should learn to use programs such as i tunes to buy the songs or movies, which is not against the law. is a good website to find some information about the Digital Law.
These are some good websites about piracy:


We will give a presentation to grade six to inform them about digital law and how they can be a good digital citizen . First we will show them a movie that we uploaded from you tube we will tell them about piracy and why it is wrong. We will then talk about how the authors feel when they know that their hard work is being downloaded for free and that they are not getting anything from what they are doing. At the end of our presentation, we will give them another quiz to see what they have learned from the time we came in and taught them.
(Quiz is not yet typed and is being planned by Talal Al Kaabi and Faisal Al-Derbasti)


our audience will be grade six's. we chose them because we thought that people start downloading music and videos from the internet. we want this for cns because it helps people to respect others work. first we will give them a quiz to see how much they know. then we will tell them what digital law is about. give them examples then show them the video. after that we will give them the same quiz to see how much they have learned from our presentation.


the presentation had lots of useful information and colorful images to get the grade sixes attention. It was mainly about downloading music and videos illegally and it also had a page telling them which programs that are used to download illegal music and videos. We the stated that not all programs are illegal, such as I-Tunes where you have to pay to get your music or videos. the presentation explained what digital law is and why it is important.

This is the video we showed in the presentation.

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